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How do you create a personal brand without feeling like a fake?

One of the most common misconceptions about personal branding is that you have to become something you’re not. That you need to fake it, or mass produce social media content, or do some other bullshit things to promote yourself.

This is simply not true.

Personal branding is a lot like self-development in that self-knowledge leads to increased success. But just like self-development, it requires hard work and the help of experts who’ve “been there.”

That’s what I do. I help writers, creatives, entrepreneurs tap into what makes them so irresistible to their Ideal Market and how to reach them more effectively, all while remaining true to who they authentically are.

Just a few of the brands I’ve worked with:

How I help

I can help you clarify your vision, understand your strengths and innate talents, and most importantly what sets you apart, and also what sets your soul on fire. I help through a variety of approaches:

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