Is It Time to Earn More Money from Your Writing?

Folks, I’m super excited to announce that I’ve partnered with The Write, one of the top websites for writers, that is offering a crazy-good package they call The Writer’s Bundle: Freelance Writing Edition.

This year’s bundle is focused on a topic that’s super relevant given the economic climate: earning money as a freelance writer. They’ve bundled together 12 courses and products on freelance writing, and guess what? My Kickstart Your Freelance Writing Career course with (none-other-than best selling author Stephanie Land) is included! 

Watch the video below to learn more about WHY we are part of this, what we are offering, and why we think this bundle may be just what you need.

The best part about this deal – you ready?! The Write Live is offering the entire package for just $99.

Seriously, if you purchased all of the resources separately, they’d cost $2,000! Some incredible influencers and entrepreneurial experts I know are providing tools for everything you need to keep learning (and earning) this year, but ONLY for the next three days!!

I recommend this not only for the benefit of your wallet but also to enhance your interpersonal growth as a creative. You know I’m a little obsessed with helping you succeed and this is such a great way to hone in on multiple skills to enhance your kickass career. I hope this post brings nothing but positivity and opportunity to you and your thriving future.

Check out everything that’s included in The Writer’s Bundle here!

The catch? This bundle is only available until Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 11:59p.m. PST. Time is ticking my friends if you want it… get it now!

P.S. If you purchase the bundle through our link, Stephanie and I earn an affiliate commission… which means you’re helping us continue to empower women with our work. But you know I wouldn’t recommend this if it wasn’t an amazing offer too! 😉

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