introduce yourself with confidence

Don’t miss this powerful 90-minute online LIVE video training workshop with me!

Have you ever felt awkward when someone asks what you do?

Learn how to communicate your unique skills and brand memorably at the drop of a hat.

How many times have you been to a networking event, conference, or agent speed pitch and choked when it came to introducing yourself? I have totally been there myself!

You have this great idea in your head about how you’ll introduce yourself and your work with panache, and then when you are in the moment you bumble, or fall back on some boring version that excites no one.

Being able to confidently introduce yourself, your ideas, and your work is essential to elevating your career.

In this 90-minute LIVE online class we’ll cover:

  • Creating a introduction (or elevator pitch) that feels authentic to who you are.
  • The elements of a successful pitch
  • Succinctly communicating what you really want people to know about you.
  • How to deliver your introduction without feeling robotic or sounding too rehearsed (and more)

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