Create a New Vision workshop

Next Date: October 9th! 10am-1pm PST


A LIVE workshop with Andrea Guevara & Amanda Fletcher

If you’re feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed, or just trying to figure out what’s next for you, this workshop is designed to help you break through what’s holding you back, see what’s truly possible for you and your life, and then act on it!

In this 3-hour workshop (don’t worry, we’ll take breaks lol), we activate your mind and body, using science-backed methods to help you:

  • Get back to your own wisdom
  • Ground yourself during hard times
  • Decipher what’s truly most important to you (not just other people’s stories of what you should do)
  • Imagine a life that fits who you are at your core.
  • And we’ll walk you through how to turn those breakthroughs into tangible ways to take action.

The Nuts & Bolts–what to expect:

  • Learn from our own stories as a broke single mom (Andrea) and an addict and cancer survivor (Amanda) and what helped us most to change our lives.
  • Mindset tools and exercises around shifting your perspectives on creativity, money, love, career, and more.
  • Visualization, Meditation, and Breathwork exercises to help ground and inspire you and create lasting change.