Thoughts on what it's like to pursue your dreams--also writing, branding, & identity.


Starting the week

Monday, Monday, the day so many of us dread. I am working on reframing it in my head as a fresh start rather than the beginning of the work week. This Monday I started back at Toastmasters. It's been about year since I last attended and it…
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Aim for the moon...

Today I allowed myself to be open to the future possibility of a dream home. I could actually FEEL it being possible for the first time today. “Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” ― W. Clement…

Human Nature

Why do we resist that which is good for us? How is it that I so don't feel like getting up early on a Saturday morning to go work out when I know that it's good for me? And yet, once I'm done working out I'm so glad I did it.  It's human nature,…
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Oh Crap, What have I done?

This morning I was battling fear big time.  I found myself being inundated with negative thoughts and fears.  Potent, even plausible fears continued to assail my hopeful will and mind.  The "reality" of what I've just done - committing…
here goes

Starting before You're Ready...

Today, I'm working on keeping my momentum up and doing at least one thing (or maybe a few) to push myself to move closer to living my dreams. So today I'm stretching myself with a little impromptu video, unscripted  unpolished, but an honest…
living the dream

Sick & Tired of Not Living My Dreams

It's funny how a little flu can smack you over the head with a dose of reality so strong that you sober  up to your life and decide to make a change.  I had just such an experience last week, several epiphinal thoughts wracked my unsuspecting…

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