Congratulations to client Stephanie Land!

What an incredible honor to be a part of Stephanie’s personal branding and marketing journey. It really doesn’t get any better than this, helping a client achieve her dreams. Stephanie’s first book, her memoir, MAID, debuted at #3 on the New York Times Best Seller list!

I admire and applaud Stephanie’s hard work, determination, and love. Please read her book. It’s so very important.


Brand Consulting for Writers & Creative Entrepreneurs

Maybe you need someone to cut through the cacophony of “shoulds” when it comes to making a creative living. Maybe you need someone who can zero-in on exactly what your next steps should be to build your audience and brand and will even create a strategy (with support) for you.

Want to see if I can help you? Check out my services and classes in the tabs above, or book a consultation with me below. 🙂

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How to Charge More for Your Work
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How To Charge More For Your Work

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Endurance is more important than talent

This is WAAAY More Important than Being Talented

Don't feel bad if you're one of those insanely talented people, I have good news for you. It doesn't matter. 😉 As a kid, I had a natural propensity for art and drawing, writing, and make believe, but things like math and sports (or any physical…
Me, teaching at Alt Summit.Andrea Guevara
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4 Big Takeaways from Alt Summit 2019

I just got back from nearly a full week in Palm Springs and boy let me tell ya, I feel like a new woman. Or maybe more like the same woman, but more deeply grounded in my mission and power. Whew, it literally sat down this morning and listed…

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Does this sound like you?:

  • Not sure where your creativity, passions, & career should intersect?
  • Often frustrated that people aren’t “getting” what you’re trying to do?
  • Overwhelmed by where, when, & how best to post on social media?
  • You write different genres, but aren’t sure how to brand it all?

You are not alone. Join me for my online branding course and I’ll show you how to break through the bullshit and confusion and create an authentic personal brand based on your own unique strengths.

“Can I just tell you…the class is amazing…you should totally charge more for all of this great stuff.”

Aries HinesWriter

“Andrea has an excellent eye for unique branding approaches for writers! Thank you for all the insight and recommendations!”

Nina KaurWriter


  • Writer

    First of all, I write for a variety of projects, curriculum, content marketing, press releases, social media, etc. And for those, I adopt whatever voice is needed.

    However, if you’re wondering about the writing I do on my own, well I write to figure things out, to explore new ways of thinking, and to empower those who haven’t yet heard their stories told. And  honestly to sort out my own shit. I’m a grad of UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and was a 2014/15 scholar.

    If you click here you can read some of my work…

  • Designer

    Communicating ideas with stunning visuals, one project at a time. That’s the plan. I’m a seasoned graphic and web designer who loves converting complex ideas into designs that communicate, enrich, and invoke action.

    I was named Top Ten Designer by CreativePublic.

    Check out a few of my designs

  • Brand Strategist

    Need to kick things into gear and do something that actually works (for your career, your product, your biz)? That’s what I do.

    You bring your best to the table and I’ll help you figure out how to bring the people over who will eat it up. I’ve been doing this for over fifteen years and I’ve worked with a spectrum of clients, including multi-platinum recording artists, writers, nationwide conferences, national organizations, global brands, entrepreneurs, and more, weaving their raw materials into brand gold.

    Here’s a little bit more about that.

“I’ve had the good luck to work closely with Andrea at Lucky19 as a contractor. She is a leader of the best kind: an addictive, loveable personality and a serious, tactful mind, she imbues trust and confidence in all her clients and partners. Not only that, but she’s a great marketer, too, with an alchemistic ability to create brands or ideas that are pure gold. Highly recommended.”

Tobin DalrympleWriter, Content Marketer

“Unfortunately, Andrea is missing one thing… a cape.

She is super-creative, super-personable, super-talented, super-knowledgeable, super-business, super-super. When Andrea jumps on a project you don’t just get standard designs or standard ideas, you get super-designs and super-ideas. Will someone please sew her a cape.”

Kevin StaniecPresident, 1888 Center | Arts Advocate, Author, and Publisher

“Andrea’s energy and passion for what she does could light up a planet. She is an excellent designer and she gets branding. A designer that gets branding is a must in today’s branding arena. I love her dedication to embracing and continually learning for the benefit of her clients and of course her website rocks which is proof that she knows her stuff!”

Starr HallSenior Consultant for Global Brands & Agencies

“Wow…. this is why working with a professional is worth the cost. I almost wept – you really [get] what I’m trying to do…”

Larry DishongHog Legend

Andrea came through for us with flying colors! She was recommended as someone who could produce great design and do it quickly, and that is exactly what she did. We came to her with a ridiculous deadline to create a website for a client and she handled the entire project with grace, humor, utter professionalism and above all, great design. And it was delivered on time. I definitely recommend Andrea and plan to work with her again at the next opportunity.”

Jennifer ZimmerJanet Kafka & Associates

“Working with Andrea is a fantastic experience. She brings the perfect balance of strong expertise and insight and an intuitive, client-centered approach. The consistency of my website design and branding with who I am and what I do makes me confident to invite people to look at my work, knowing that it’s an authentic representation. Andrea went on the branding journey with me, and was patient and thoughtful as we went through the process. For all of my design and troubleshooting needs, I go directly to Andrea because I can’t imagine working with anyone else.

Alicia A. WallaceActivist. Public Educator. Writer.