Keep Your Wits.

Sanity-saving, Mindset Shifts, & Ways to Keep Going

Where to Expend Your Energy Right Now

I’d like to share an easy 4-step process that helps me keep my sanity (mostly) in hard times and conserves my positive energy in the face of our “new normal.” #1 Acknowledge the reality of what’s going on. 💣 Things are BIZARRE!…
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Give Yourself a Damn Break

Do you ever have the kind of week where you ask yourself what evil karma you must have perpetrated in some other life so as to deserve such a shower of bullshit to be rained down upon you? I've just come off a couple of wild-ass--WTF weeks…

How do you know if you should keep going on this [project/company/mission]?

I'm gonna be straight with you. I'm exhausted. You may be too. Though I've always considered myself an ally of anyone disenfranchised, I see that the depth and breadth of racism in this country is much more staggering than I realized. If…

How Writing Down My Ideal Vision Changed My Life

There seem to be two answers successful folks have when it comes to the question: “Did you ever expect to have this kind of success?” One answer is something like: “No, this is crazy. I just got lucky. I wanted to do this ______________…
women selling Tupperware 1980s

Who was the first woman to inspire you to be successful?

“Pink Cadillac, cruising down the street…,” Mom would sing and do her signature shimmy, as we drove down the street in her blue Chevy Nova to another Tupperware party in a nearby town. Mom wanted the pink Cadillac—that was the big…
Aretha Franklin's life

Aretha Franklin’s Tough Choices
on the Way to Success

I was heartbroken to learn of Aretha Franklin's death yesterday. It was the kind of loss you feel based on some wish that I'd had a chance to get to know her. Like now the (irrational) opportunity was definitely gone. I've always kind of seen…
not letting failure define you

I’ll Do Well Anyway: How to Not Allow Failure to Define You

There's a blurry video from 1986 making its rounds on Instagram lately. ​Have you seen that old video clip of Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes interviewing Oprah? In December of '86 The Oprah Winfrey show had just launched and our beloved icon…

How to Deal When Someone You Dislike Wins

Have you ever experienced something like this: Someone you can't stand gets a win. You know them to be a [fraud/asshole/full-of-shit/fake/abusive/condescending/fill-in-the-blank nasty trait] and yet they won an award, or got a big client,…
what it takes to change things
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How do you save the world while still keeping your own family safe, fed, and cared for?

This week we watched the long-awaited Incredibles 2 and it got me thinking about what will it take to change things in our world, and our own lives.  Fourteen years after the original film, I wondered how this new addition would be different.…
mental health

First Hand Perspectives: Mental Health Awareness for the Other 11 Months of the Year

Yesterday marked the last day of May and with it the final day of Mental Health Awareness month. And while I'm glad there's a month for it, the reality is that folks struggling with, or affected by mental health issues, or mental illness, or…