Pursue Your Dreams

Whether your dreams are career and work dreams or just a dream project or lifestyle (or all of the above), here are real-life practical resources for women who want more fulfillment in their lives, whatever that looks like.

Is it Time to Plant Seeds or Harvest, or…?

My daughter started getting into gardening last April—like so many folks—during the pandemic. It helped to quiet down the raging anxiety inside her. Like her mama, she soon discovered that she loved to garden. Unlike her mama, she found…
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It’s About Damn Time

For many years I felt like an outlier in the business world, hell, in life. It's no secret I'm a "heart-centered strategist" as several clients have called me. I have never really bought into the idea of business as usual. I've learned what…

They Are Showing Us Who They Are

You know how they say “crisis creates character”? Well, I think "crisis reveals character." And the same can be said of brands. During this difficult time I'm sure you've seen ads and posts from different brands that have either been skillfully…

How to Focus & Finish Your Creative Work (3 Experts Share)

I have a confession. I started writing my memoir in 2013, finished the first draft in 2017, and yet STILL HAVEN'T FINISHED the damn book! BUT 2020 is the year I finish this thing!  It'd be easy to call myself lazy, or a procrastinator, but…

Understanding the Customer Journey (How to Charge More for Your Work, Pt. 2)

Understanding Your Customers' Journey is part 2 (of 3) of my How to Charge More for Your Work series. (Part 1 is here.) Today, we're going to work on understanding your customer's journey as it relates to finding you and buying your services.…
How to Charge More for Your Work

How To Charge More For Your Work

Do you ever see people who are doing "the same thing" as you, but somehow are living out a much more successful lifestyle? They seem less stressed. They charge more for their services, or products, and sell more of them too. How are they…
Endurance is more important than talent

This is WAAAY More Important than Being Talented

Don't feel bad if you're one of those insanely talented people, I have good news for you. It doesn't matter. ;) As a kid, I had a natural propensity for art and drawing, writing, and make believe, but things like math and sports (or any physical…
Me, teaching at Alt Summit.Andrea Guevara

4 Big Takeaways from Alt Summit 2019

I just got back from nearly a full week in Palm Springs and boy let me tell ya, I feel like a new woman. Or maybe more like the same woman, but more deeply grounded in my mission and power. Whew, it literally sat down this morning and listed…
Best Hacks and Apps for Your Creative Career

My Favorite Hacks and Apps
for your Creative Career

After nearly two decades as a creative entrepreneur and writer, I've come to find some of the best hacks and apps for your creative career (including great tools, and software) that make my days run smoother. And when I find something great,…
decision fatigue robs your creativity

Decision Fatigue is Robbing Your Creativity: What to do About it.

Decision Fatigue Can Rob Your Creativity Have you heard of capsule wardrobes? Or entrepreneurs who eat the same exact thing for breakfast every day? There's a reason they're doing this. And I've totally been resisting it. But I think it's time…