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Book publication week survival tips
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Here’s How to Survive Your Book Pub Week

You've dreamt of the day your book would finally be printed and in the hands of readers. Maybe that idea is often the thing that kept you going when you were in the depths of the writing or editing process. But now that the time is almost…

They Are Showing Us Who They Are

You know how they say “crisis creates character”? Well, I think "crisis reveals character." And the same can be said of brands. During this difficult time I'm sure you've seen ads and posts from different brands that have either been skillfully…
Will people like me? personal branding

Will People Like Me? Personal Branding From Your Core

Have you ever wondered if your personal brand will really fit you years from now, or even days? That was one of my fears when I first started crafting my personal branding to where it is now. I was afraid to commit to something because I felt…
how to get people to like your writing or art

How to Get People to Care About Your Art

I want to talk about something I've been thinking a lot about this week, namely: perceptions of reality. You know, something light and airy. ;) Seriously though, as writers and creative-types we are often so intimately oriented with our own…
How branding helps writers and creatives
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Why Branding is So Important for Writers and Creatives

One of the most common questions I get from writers and creatives is, "how can branding help me?" There are so many ways, but for brevity's sake let's just look at these few. But first, remember that great personal branding is all about knowing…
what makes you irresistible

You’re Irresistible, You Just Don’t Realize It

Everyone has that special something that makes them oh-so-attractive to the right people. Sure there are the folks that are attractive to just about everyone, but I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about us--the everyday people who…