You’ve dreamt of the day your book would finally be printed and in the hands of readers. Maybe that idea is often the thing that kept you going when you were in the depths of the writing or editing process. But now that the time is almost here…it can feel overwhelming too. It’s kind of like planning a wedding, right? You’re all excited, you go through the process of making a million choices to make it go right, and then the day comes and whew, it can feel like a lot. Here are some tips I give my clients when that joyous yet stressful publication week comes.

Publication Week Survival Tips

First, in order to help keep your head properly screwed on each day:

  • When you wake up in the morning DON’T reach for your phone first. Give yourself at least the first 10-15 minutes of your morning to:
    • Do some 4/4/8 breathing. Slow breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, breathe out slowly for 8 seconds – this activates your parasympathetic nervous system enabling you to enter the day more calm and grounded. Repeat 3-4 times. You can also pick up this practice whenever you feel like you’re being wound too tight.
    • Take a moment to write down 3 things you’re thankful for and then 3 things you’re proud of yourself for. You could even buy a little notebook just for this special time.
    • If you can, go for a walk, even a short one, and drink a glass of water.
  • Make a list of your to-do’s & appointments each day in the morning and schedule them out on your calendar so you see visually what you actually have time for. Anything you don’t, ask for help, reschedule, etc.

7 Days to Publication Day:

  • Remind your readers that if they pre-order your book they will have it the day it comes out! (And that this helps boost sales orders). You can do this both through email to your list and social media.
  • If you have any events or promotions (i.e. presale promotion, or sneak peek chapter download, collabs, etc.) this is a great time to remind your readers via email or social media.
  • If you have help, this is a great day to just make sure your assistant, social media manager, publisher, etc. have anything they need from you (promo graphics, book club guide, Q & A, media kit, etc.)

5 Days to Publication Day:

  • Breathe. Maybe look back at some of your old notes or journals to see how far you’ve come and remind yourself of the time when this book was still a dream.
  • If you have Brand Brief or Brand Messaging kit review your bio, elevator pitch, and media talking points to re-familiarize yourself with your important concepts and messages that you want to convey.

3 Days Before Publication Day:

  • IF YOU WANT to be notified whenever something NEW is posted online about your book: Set up a Google alert for the following:
    • [Book title, author name]
    • [Book title & genre]
    • [Book title & publisher name]
  • Get a massage if you can, or a mani-pedi, or whatever. Give yourself a little self-care in whatever ways will help you slow down and appreciate the moment you’re in and release stress and anxiety.

Publication Day (woooo hoooo!):

  • Announce it on social media! And share and reshare when others share about your book.
  • Be sure to tag your publisher every time you post.
  • If your publisher is doing a giveaway and/or advertisements, share that too if you want.
  • Send your publication day email announcement to your list of email subscribers.
  • Try to take moments throughout your day to consciously BE IN THE MOMENT and remember how good the good feelings feel. This is exciting. This is what you’ve been working so hard for, so enjoy it.
  • Have a helper update your website to reflect that the book is now available (and not coming soon).
  • Update your social media profile taglines to reflect that the book is now available.

Post-Publication Day:

Share on social media each day and email your email list once per week:

  • Any upcoming public book-related events
  • Any other awesome press/reviews/shares you get
  • Photos of you at events or with friends at said book events
  • Add pertinent events, reviews, and press to your website as needed.

I hope these simple, practical tips help you keep your wits and enjoy your book publication week to the fullest! You’ve done something incredible, so celebrate.