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example of time blocking versus a typical workday schedule of tasks

Two Crucial Ways to Make Time for What’s Important

It's great to have a plan, but in order to actually execute the plan, you need to make room for it in your life. Here are a couple of tools that have helped me execute time and again. Time Blocking & Batching are concepts that have personally…
Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.
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True Growth Comes through Being Supported

Just before throwing a party at my house last spring, my 25-year-old son said, “Mom you’ve grown so much, you’re not as stressed out like you usually would be back in the day.” I laughed and thought for a moment. Yes, I’d grown some,…
When Should Authors Think About Branding

When is the Right Time to Work on Your Author Brand?

Real Talk: When is the right time to work on your author brand? First of all, I'm an author brand strategist, so that means at least two things: 1) I should know what I'm talking about (lol) and 2) if I'm doing my job right, I am going to give…
Sample Instagram book launch graphic post & all the worries that come with itAndrea Guevara LLC

The Real Reason You’re Not Marketing Yourself

What's the real reason you're not marketing yourself? Maybe you hate social media (or at least you do when it comes to promoting your book or yourself). Let’s face it, it’s more fun to post pics of your cute dog, or your vacation than it…
Book publication week survival tips
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Here’s How to Survive Your Book Pub Week

You've dreamt of the day your book would finally be printed and in the hands of readers. Maybe that idea is often the thing that kept you going when you were in the depths of the writing or editing process. But now that the time is almost…
How to find more readers - authorsAndrea Guevara LLC

How do I find more readers?

If you were to Google the phrase "How do I find more readers for my book?" you'd end up with approximately 461,000,000 results. There is no shortage of advice out there. I'm going to share with you the ONE thing that you absolutely need to…
10 must have features for author websiteAndrea Guevara LLC

Make sure your author website has these 10 must-haves!

Your website has the potential to show the world why they should pay attention to you and your writing, yet most authors and writers treat it more like business card, or skimpy brochure. The truth is, your website should be making you money,…
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It’s About Damn Time

For many years I felt like an outlier in the business world, hell, in life. It's no secret I'm a "heart-centered strategist" as several clients have called me. I have never really bought into the idea of business as usual. I've learned what…
how to get started personal brand writer

Q & A:
How do I get started branding myself?

Q: I want to start a website to gain followers and make money with my writing. I've identified a niche, but I'm wondering how to get started branding myself. -Trish Andrea: Understand Yourself & Your People Before you do anything else dig…
writer as business brand

Q & A:
What are some of the mistakes to avoid in branding yourself as a writer?

Q: For writers new to the idea of writing as a business, what are some of the mistakes to avoid when thinking about branding? —Gabrielle Andrea: Great question. One of the biggest personal branding mistakes is trying to be everything to…