About Andrea Guevara (aka me)

Look, you deserve to know why in the hell you’d actually want to listen to what I have to say, or trust me with your brand, or your dream, or take one of my courses.


I think we’re all born into this world with unique gifts to share. As woo-woo as that sounds bear with me. Sometimes I feel as though I’ve lived two lifetimes, in one, I sort of kept my head down and did what I felt I “should” do–married a man I didn’t want to, followed a religion that didn’t make sense to me, etc. And then I woke up, bit by bit changing my life into one fueled by passion and love instead of fear.

But everything didn’t magically get better. In fact, I used to call my life Murphy’s Life–because if something could go wrong it would go wrong, a lot.

I kept at it though, and kept working on myself (that work is never done btw). I raised two amazing souls mostly on my own. It’s the accomplishment I’m most proud of. When I was at my lowest points it was always the thought of them and the life I wanted to give them that lifted me back up to keep going. They were the original reason I took my life back into my own hands and kept me going until I was able to work on myself and heal enough to start making decisions based on my own well-being as well.

I’ve worked hard and cried a lot, and failed and made a ton of mistakes to get here. The place where I support my little family with work that sets my soul afire. Work where I help women and businesses make a difference in this world. But there’s more I’m after. See I’ve always wanted to help people, but it took helping myself first to be able to know how to actually help others.

If you’re a woman with a dream that’s been knocking on the door of your soul when you wake up, or dancing in your mind in the shower, or pinching you at night when the kids are asleep, girl I’ve so been there. You can do this.


I’m also proud of my career and the brands I’ve built while raising said children on my own. I’m the CEO and Brand Director of Brand Strength, a business branding agency in Long Beach, California; as well as a brand strategist and educator to creative entrepreneurs and writers, through AndreaGuevara.com. I’m a graduate and scholar of UCLA X’s Writers Program, and I was the founding Brand Director of the national writing conference, BinderCon.

Some Career Highlights:

I have launched several companies over the years, and worked with a variety of clientele, from multi-platinum recording artists to aerospace manufacturers. My children’s apparel company was named a 2008 Top 10 Greenest Home-based Business in America. In 2011, Creative Public named me a Top 10 Graphic Designer. In 2017, I was an Advisory Mentor for the Queen of England’s Young Leaders Programme–yes, THAT Queen of England, where I helped young entrepreneurs in developing countries like India and Bangladesh! And most recently, I handle the branding for the debut New York Times Bestselling Author, Stephanie Land.

I am dedicated to helping changemakers take things to the next level.

I’ve worked with a variety of clients, including startups, entrepreneurs, writers, agents, musicians, literary organizations, and many others, in myriad industries, from aerospace to SAAS.

This site is all about empowering women who have big dreams–this is where I teach, consult and provide resources on personal development and personal branding, which go hand-in-hand, you’ll see. 😉 So, check out some thangs to get you started:

Andrea Guevara

Writer & Author Branding

You know how they say that everything in your life prepares you for the next thing, if you’re paying attention to what you can learn from it? I’ve been a designer and brand strategist for nearly two decades. I’ve wanted to be a writer for a little longer than that. But I was also a single mom, struggling for many years just to make ends meet, keep my businesses afloat, my kids in shoes, and my head screwed on straight.

All those years of experience in branding, entrepreneurship, and the school of hard knocks brought me here. Elevating the voices of underrepresented women and gender variant folks is woven into the fabric of who I am.

In the past I did that through my role as Brand Director of BinderCon. Now, I use my unique skillset to help writers brand themselves in a way that is authentic to their core, yet also resonates deeply with their audience.

Check out some of my courses and workshops, one-on-one consultations, and contact me about author branding packages.


I like to write to pull people into thinking differently about life, subjects that challenge societal norms, traditionally accepted views of socioeconomic status, ethics, morality, religion, gender, and identity. Sometimes, I also try to be funny. Which is obviously not right now.

After years of dreaming about being a legit writer, I stopped making excuses and started. In 2015 I graduated from UCLA Extension Writers’ Program (and was a 2014/15 UCLA scholar).

I’m hard at work on my memoir, which is about my search for worth and identity, while growing up in an evangelical Christian marriage. Though it seems like a never-ending project, someday soon it will be done and I’ll be proud of it. This is what I tell myself, anyway.

To read some of my writing, visit the Writing page, or the blog.


I’ve been an artist since I could pick up a pencil.

But back then, the societal messages I heard about being an artist were clear: there wasn’t any real money in being an artist.

For years, I only drew and wrote for fun and wished I had some useful talent like being good at (or remotely interested in) math. Until one day when I was working as a preschool teacher and my boss noticed my talent for drawing. She gave me first commission for logo design. That small vote of confidence was enough to set a design career in motion.

I was named a Top Ten Designer by CreativePublic (2011).

View a few samples from my portfolio below. Most of my design projects are for my business clients, however, I do work with authors selectively.

My Business Branding Agency

For nearly 20 years, I have worked with a spectrum of clients from multi-platinum recording artists to local entrepreneurs, weaving their raw materials into brand gold. I’m a serial entrepreneur and now offer consulting, and business branding and design services to a select number of clients through my business and proprietary methodology: Brand Strength.

Brand Strength by Andrea Guevara