Ways to Keep Going


Pack Your Survival Kit

When my kids were young we attended a survivalist class at our local nature center. Over the course of a few weeks, we learned what to do if we got lost in the woods or the desert, how long we could survive without water, how to filter water,…

How to Adapt Your Personal Vision to the New Normal

When I was a girl, I played with Barbies, arranged my stuffed bunny collection, and imagined that my adult life would look something like this: ?‍? Job: waitress, teacher, or nurse (or first woman president—yes, seriously) ? ? College: 4-year…

The Biggest Lie of the Self-Help Industry

There is a pervasive lie in the self-help/self-development world. That lie is this: The same level of success, wealth, health, and ambition is available to all of us right now. In fact, all you need to do is act now. All that holds…

How to Know if the Time is Right

In the last post, I talked about how the massive societal changes we've experienced this year have caused many to realize that they crave change in their own personal lives. Perhaps you feel this way. Whether you’re realizing that you simply…

Change Fosters More Personal Change

There’s an embarrassing story about me that lives on in our family lore. It's a story that always elicits laughter and sometimes a raised eyebrow. Forgive me if I’ve told you before. ? But before I get into it, let me take you back…
Aretha Franklin's life

Aretha Franklin’s Tough Choices
on the Way to Success

I was heartbroken to learn of Aretha Franklin's death yesterday. It was the kind of loss you feel based on some wish that I'd had a chance to get to know her. Like now the (irrational) opportunity was definitely gone. I've always kind of seen…

How to Deal When Someone You Dislike Wins

Have you ever experienced something like this: Someone you can't stand gets a win. You know them to be a [fraud/asshole/full-of-shit/fake/abusive/condescending/fill-in-the-blank nasty trait] and yet they won an award, or got a big client,…
what it takes to change things
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How do you save the world while still keeping your own family safe, fed, and cared for?

This week we watched the long-awaited Incredibles 2 and it got me thinking about what will it take to change things in our world, and our own lives.  Fourteen years after the original film, I wondered how this new addition would be different.…
mental health

First Hand Perspectives: Mental Health Awareness for the Other 11 Months of the Year

Yesterday marked the last day of May and with it the final day of Mental Health Awareness month. And while I'm glad there's a month for it, the reality is that folks struggling with, or affected by mental health issues, or mental illness, or…
Step out of line, what it takes

When it’s Time to Step Out of Line

The other day I walked into a Starbucks to grab a drink. The line wasn't bad, but the four people in it made an awkward formation parallel, rather than perpendicular to the front door. I thought it was odd that they weren’t queued up toward…