When it gets to be too much

when things are too much

I am not gonna lie, it’s been a rough week for me, but as someone I love reminded me today “There’s a fire that is kindled within you when you commit to following your dreams and it challenges you in ways you never thought of.” When he repeated my words back to me not only did I feel loved and heard but it reminded me that you WILL be challenged when you are pushing to change your life! Somehow just remembering that lifted a huge weight from my shoulders.

You are going to hit hard times, challenges and times where you flounder as you try to stay positive and focused. When you flounder a simple act from a friend can lift you higher than any of your own efforts. So if nothing else reach out for help, but not to your ‘bitching partner’ but to someone who gets you & is generally positive.

This is a post from Facebook from a good friend. I heart her 🙂

And now some wisdom from Les Brown too! Here ya go. I hope this encourages you on your journey my friends.

“Give your dream a chance to live!! Nurture it daily with the seeds of determination, inspiration, drive, and creativity. Feed it with passion, faith, patience, and positive expectation. Allow it to blossom by surrounding yourself with people who are doing things with their lives, and who believe in working hard to make things happen.

Many people allow their dream to die from negative conversations, procrastination, lack of preparation, and most of all, from doubt and fear. Hold yourself to higher standards, and build resiliency skills everyday that will allow you to overcome your next challenge. Keep your dream alive! You have GREATNESS within you!” ~ Les Brown